Road Trips etc


Traveling to foreign places is such an amazing experience.
I have been fortunate to have taken lots of family vacations in Europe.
Luckily, I later had the opportunity of taking regular business trips to New York City.
After exploring every aspect of this diverse city, I ventured further.
Initially, I added rail excursions to Philadelphia and Washington.
I then rented cars and drove along a section of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, and  across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.
I added on many towns and cities, such as Baltimore, Richmond, and Virginia Beach to the south, and Woodstock, and Albany in the north.
An invitation to a wedding in Houston Texas, started in North Carolina, crossing six states. From driving through snow storms in Tennessee, to scraping ice off windows in Mississippi, and eventually the humid heat of Texas.
These trips wet my appetite for exploring even further.
I therefore, added flights to other States.
However, the most memorable experiences were unplanned and often in the most unusual places.

Some of my more interesting Journeys - Road Trips - Vacations are noted below, with more to follow.

Delhi, India       Aspen, Laramie, Albuquerque & Monument Valley       New York, New York         USA Map         Louisiana        N Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas        Dallas, Memphis & Chicago