JFK Assassination and The Mafia

The Mafia

From the earliest immigrant street gangs to sophisticated organized networks, the Mafia have long held a menacing control throughout America.

The areas implicated in connection with the events in Dallas range from New York to Miami. However, the local control at the time was through Joseph Civello, working with (or under) Carlos Marcello. It is very likely that Jack Ruby worked for Civello and Marcello and Lee Harvey Oswald grew up in the center of Marcello country and in the summer of 1963, was based in New Orleans.

Joseph Kennedy's life ambition was to have one of his sons in the White House. He would achieve this at any cost, through either his political contacts or his links with organized crime.
The young presidential candidate, John Kennedy, was either naive or simply ignored the vote rigging manipulated by Sam Giancana in Chicago and other Mafia bosses in Cleveland and New York.

With John Kennedy as President and his brother Robert Kennedy as Attorney General, the pair felt invincible and either through ignorance or defiance of their father's old allegiances, they set out to clean up America.

Giancana and Marcello were both under investigation with Marcello being unceremoniously extradited to Guatamala. Anger festered throughout the crime bosses with many such as Santo Trafficante and Meyer Lansky expressing their distaste of the Kennedy brothers.

Added to this, when Castro gained control of Cuba, the Mafia's profitable casinos were closed down losing the syndicates millions of dollars of income.
Kennedy's opposition to invading Cuba was another insult to them.

There were close links with Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamsters leader and corrupt use of the unions pension fund.

The CIA's plot to assassinate Castro and the training of US-based, Cuban nationals for the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion could not have happened without the help of the Mafia. Sam Giancana was an initial contact followed by Meyer Lansky, Carlos Marcello, Santo Trafficante and Johnny Roselli.

These same names surface in the myriad theories surrounding the events of November 22, 1963.