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The Volunteer State earned it's fighting reputation from the hardy Scots-Irish settlers, who having crossed the Appalachians from east to west, claimed the lands of northeast Tennessee as their own.
The Scots-Irish brought with them their music and love of whiskey, making Tennessee whiskey and Country music famous throughout the world.

The state varies from the mountains, moonshine and country music in the east, to the Mississippi, blues and barbecues of the west, embracing a rich, colorful culture.

The battlefields of the Civil War mark the landscape, not as scars, but as memorials to the heroic deeds of men, willing to die for a belief in a way of life.
As the first state to rejoin the Union, Tennesseans demonstrated their willingness to move on and embrace change.

Elvis Presley made Memphis his home, along with BB King, while many Tennessee-born heroes such as David Crocket and Sam Houston, sought their destinies elsewhere.

As two of the most famous music cities in the world, Memphis and Nashville attract thousands of visitors, as do the Smokey Mountains and historic towns and cities in between.