Louisiana Timeline 1900-1925

Historic Events

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Louisiana - 1900-1925

Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans on August 4, 1901.

In 1906 the name Tabasco was trademarked by the McIlhenny family.

In 1919 the Le Petit Theatre (Théâtre du Vieux Carré) moved to its present location in the French Quarter becoming a focal point for the emerging Bohemian arts culture.

In 1921, the Louisiana Constitution required that school education be conducted in the English language.

Truman Capote was born in New Orleans on September 30, 1924.

America - 1900-1925

The Brownie Box Camera was introduced in 1900, selling for just one dollar, introducing amateur photography to the world.

President William McKinley started his second term and Tiffany lamps became popular and 8,000 people perished in the Galveston TX, hurricane, which struck the city with 135 mile an hour winds on September 8.

A year later, in 1901, President McKinley was assassinated, Walt Disney was born and the first professional American Football teams were established.

The ice cream cone was invented in 1904 and in 1905 Albert Einstein declared his theory of relativity.

In 1906 the San Francisco earthquake left over 3,000 dead and destroyed about 80% of the city.

Sam Giancana was born on June 15, 1908 and Linden B Johnson was born in Stonewall, Texas on August 27, 1908,

Jack Daniels died from blood poisoning on October 10, 1911 in his hometown of Lynchburg, TN and Calbraith Perry Rodgers made the first transcontinental flight across the US in 1911.

In 1914, Babe Ruth made his major league baseball debut and the Brassiere was patented by Mary Phelps Jacob.

Frank Sinatra was born on December 15, 1915.

In 1916 the worse ever polio epidemic hit the US with over 27,000 cases and 7,000 deaths.

Time Zones were first established across America on March 19, 1918, with the introduction of daylight saving.

Prohibition was proposed in 1919 and on Jan. 17, 1920 it became law. On August 18, 1920, women won the right to vote.

The NFL was formed on August 20, 1920 and Mickey Rooney, Peggy Lee and Ray Bradbury were born that same year.

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC was designated on May 30, 1922.

The first edition of Time Magazine was published on March 2, 1923

Native Indians born in the USA were finally given citizenship on June 2, 1924. Also in that year, John T. Scopes was convicted of teaching Darwin's Theory of Evolution in a Tennessee school.

The World - 1900-1925

The cruise ship Titanic went down in 1912 with the loss of more than 1300 lives and a year later the Suffragette movement erupted in London, England.

In August 1914 Germany declared war on Russia and France, then Britain declared war on Germany. After 4 bloody years and thirty seven million casualties, an armistice ended the war in 1918. That same year a worldwide influenza epidemic claimed around 20 million lives over a two year period.

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini came to power in Italy in 1920, his fierce dictatorship encouraged many Italians to emigrate to America.

The Irish War of Independence spread over three years, from 1919 through 1921. There were a further two years of conflict between supporters and opponents of the truce.

The years following the end of WW1 saw most of Europe in debt to the US. By 1925, prosperity had returned, but with high unemployment, due largely to advances in technology and the mass production of consumer goods.

Throughout the western world, the mid 1920's were roaring to the Charleston dance craze and general prosperity.