JFK Assassination – The Paines

Ruth and Michael Paine

There rumors and conjecture, but no hard evidence confirming that Ruth and Michael Paine befriended the Oswalds for any surreptitious reasons.

Ruth Pain was introduced to the Oswalds at a party by George De Mohrenschildt, this was, by all accounts, quite innocent as De Mohrenschildt was himself Russian and Ruth Paine had studied Russian language and culture and was keen to talk Russian, whenever possible.

There are suggestions that she had CIA contacts and might have worked for the organization. The same is said of De Mohrenschildt, although his OSS background suggests that he might have had Agency connections.

It is a coincidence, however, that having offered a room for the couple to rent, allowing Marina to move in with their daughter, while Lee Oswald stayed nearby in Dallas, Ruth Paine then found Oswald a job at the School Book Depository, through a random remark made by a friend. This was only five weeks before the assassination.