JFK Assassination – The CIA


During the Second World War intelligence gathering, among the allied nations, was a shared operation under the Office of Strategic Services or OSS.

In 1945, the service was broken up, with each country running it's own spy network, with the Central Intelligence Group being created in 1946.
The Central Intelligence Group evolved into the Central Intelligence Agency with the 1947 National Security Act.

Regarded by many as a necessary evil, the CIA has, on many occasions, supplied arms to rebel groups opposing anti-American regimes, not always achieving the end goal. These countries include Iran, Guatemala, Chile, Vietnam, Hungary, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Congo, Brazil, Greece, Bolivia, Cambodia, Angola, Afghanistan, Honduras, Iraq and Cuba.

CIA Director Allen Dulles, involved Mafia bosses such as Sam Giancana, Santo Trafficante, Meyer Lansky, Carlos Marcello and Johnny Roselli in a failed plot to assassinate Fidel Castro.

In 1961 Dulles launched Operation Mongoose, when 1,500 Cuban exiles, mostly combat-trained in Florida, were to invade Cuba, joining forces with other anti-Castro groups, but the much needed air support was not approved by President Kennedy and anti-Castro opposition on the island failed to materialize.
This invasion was known as the Bay of Pigs and resulted in Kennedy firing Dulles, which widened the chasm between the President and the CIA.

In 1972 the Watergate offices of the Democrat Party were burgled by members of a committee working for President Nixon. This team included five Cubans, along with ex-CIA officers, E Howard Hunt and James McCord.

The CIA had developed a gun capable of firing a tiny dart containing chemicals which could cause heart attacks. This was disclosed during the Church Committee hearings in 1971. It is also widely believed that the agency developed a virulent cancer causing serum which could be injected into the victim. This was initially researched as a way of assassinating Fidel Castro. Coincidental deaths from cancer include Jack Ruby and Clay Shaw.