JFK Assassination – Deadly Coincidences

The disproportionate number of suicides, accidents and murders attributed to the demise of people linked to the assassination is worthy of consideration.

Bill Hunter, a reporter who was allowed into Jack Ruby's apartment on November 24, 1963, was accidental shot by a police officer in April, 1964

Jim Koethe, a reporter who was also allowed into Jack Ruby's apartment on November 24, 1963, died mysteriously from a blow to the neck in September, 1964.

Teresa Norton, worked for Jack Ruby, also died of a blow to the neck in September, 1964

David Ferrie, died from a fatal blow to the neck in February, 1967, shortly after being called to testify before the Jim Garrison investigation.

Jack Ruby was diagnosed with lung cancer not long after he was granted a retrial.

George Sergius De Mohrenschildt was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head on March 29, 1977, shortly after being asked to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

Charles Nicoletti was found dead on March 29, 1977, the same day that George Sergius De Mohrenschildt supposedly shot himself, Nicoletti received three bullets in the head as he waited in his car outside a restaurant in Northlake, Illinois.

Sam Giancana died of multiple gunshot wounds on the evening of June 19, 1975, shortly before he was to testify in an inquiry into the Castro assassination plot.

Mary Eno Pinchot Meyer was a very close fiend and lover of President Kennedy. She was shot on October 12, 1964, aged 43 years old. The crime remains unsolved.

Jimmy Hoffa was last seen at 2:45 pm on July 30, 1975. There were several mob-related suspects, but his remains were never found and nobody was ever arrested.

Johnny Roselli's remains were found in a 55 gallon steel drum floating in Dumfoundling Bay near Miami on August 9, 1976.

Tom Howard was Jack Ruby's first appointed lawyer, he was also allowed into Ruby's apartment on November 24, 1963 and died of a heart attack in March 1965.

Rose Cheramie was a heroin addict. While hospitalised for her addiction, she spoke of the planned assassination ahead of it happening. On September 4, 1965 she was run over, while lying at the side of Texas Highway 155 at 2.30am on a quiet road by a drunk driver without witnesses.

Earlene Roberts was Oswald's landlady and had been questioned extensively by the authorities. She died in her home of a heart attack, on January 9, 1966.

Lee Bowers Jr, was one of the most important witnesses to give evidence to the Warren Comittee and was alone at the wheel when he drove into a wall, dying a few hours later, on August 9,1966. However, due to his allergy, Bowers might just have used an antihistamine that day, which could have made him drousy.

Lt. William Pitzer was head of the Audio Visual Department at the Naval Medical School and was called in to film the body of John Kennedy prior to autopsy. The film was controversial to the Warren Report and on October 29, 1966 Pitzer supposedly shot himself. His film has never been found.

James Worrell was 20 years old when he stated that he witnessed a gun firing from the TSBD building and followed a man in a dark jacket. He was aged 22 in November 1966 when his motorcycle went out of control and he and his passenger were killed.

Richard Carr is another witness to a man leaving the TSBD building. He was threated and intimidated by Dallas police. To escape this he moved to Montana where he found dynamite in his car and was shot at on a trip to New Orleans. While in Atlanta he was stabbed, but fought off his assailants, killing one of them.

Jack Zangretti ran a Mafia-linked casino on Lake Lugert, Oklahoma. He confided to friends of knowing that, not Oswald, but three other assassins were involved and that Ruby would kill Oswald. Zangretti was shot in December 1963, his body was found floating in Lake Lugert.

Gary Underhill was an ex OSS and CIA operative with insider information, stating that he knew of a CIA plot to kill Kennedy. He claimed to have narrowly escaped a couple of attemps on his life, before his suicide in May 1964. He died from a single gunshot wound behind the left ear, but this has raised speculation that Underhill was possibly right-handed.

Roger D Craig was a Dallas County Deputy Sheriff, whose evidence of what he witnessed was at odds with other statements made to the Warren Commission. Much of what he stated cannot be verified, yet he remained true to his version of events. He was fired from the Police Department in 1967 and fatally shot himself in 1975, four years after the publication of his book.

Mary Sherman was a highly respected and competent orthopaedic and cancer specialist. It has been argued that she carried out research for the CIA on cancer causing viruses, woking in New Orleans, with Lee Harvey Oswald and David Ferrie. Her partly burned and stabbed body was found in her apartment on July 21, 1964.

Morris Brooks Gatlin was an associate of Guy Bannister and lawyer for the Anti Communist League of the Caribbean. He fell mysteriously, to his death, from the sixth floor of the El Panama Hotel in Puerto Rico in 1964.

William Sullivan was a retired, former FBI chief, once tipped to take over from J Edgar Hoover. He was walking through woods to meet with hunting colleagues, close to his retirement home in New Hampshire, and mistaken for a deer by a 21 year old hunter and fatally shot. The assailant was the son of a state policeman and received a $500 fine with the loss of his hunting permit. Coincidentally, Sullivan was due to testify before the House Select Commitee on Assassinations.



Further points for consideration:
The CIA had developed cancer serum which could be injected or otherwise introduced to an unsuspecting victim. They also possessed a dart gun which could cause heart attacks and remain undetected.
Some of the those named above, lived in a dangerous world, where murder was not uncommon.
Smoking was endemic, with unfiltered cigarettes and smoke-filled rooms accepted as commonplace and death from lung cancer was not uncommon.

There are dozens of deaths regarded as suspicious by assassination researchers, We have only listed those that we believe to be the most credible.